How To Make Your Marketing Message Stand Out

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We’re gonna talk about what to do when your marketing messages are not read and nobody really cares about what you’re writing. In case you are stuck with this problem, I am going to share in this video a simple, proven process that will open up your marketing messages to a far bigger audience and help you to get known and trusted faster. Sounds good?

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Empowering Words

Empowering Words Create Empowering Change

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This weekend my friend rang and asked if I wanted to join her for a whole day bushwalk in the nearby beautiful Lamington National Park. She reminded me how much we had enjoyed our last walk we did together. We had promised to do it more often. These bushwalks are always an excellent opportunity to relax and take a few nice nature photos. But just this month, I had been so busy, even more than usual because I am in the process of selling one of my businesses… Learn More


Learn to Trust Your Intuition

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Very early in my life, I learnt that decisions based on mere logic may be efficient but didn’t make me happy. I was just twelve years old, and had managed to save up enough money to buy my first bicycle. After looking around in the shops, I couldn’t make up my mind. One part of me was drawn to a sporty looking road bicycle, but it did not seem near as fun and and practical as the solid Bonanza bike. I carefully evaluated the pros and cons, but still wasn’t sure, which bike I should buy. Learn More

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