Learn to Trust Your Intuition

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Very early in my life, I learnt that decisions based on mere logic may be efficient but didn’t make me happy. I was just twelve years old, and had managed to save up enough money to buy my first bicycle. After looking around in the shops, I couldn’t make up my mind. One part of me was drawn to a sporty looking road bicycle, but it did not seem near as fun and and practical as the solid Bonanza bike. I carefully evaluated the pros and cons, but still wasn’t sure, which bike I should buy. Learn More

Business Success is Within Your Grasp

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Business Success: If Others Can Do It, So Can You!
Business success is the desire and goal of business owners. No one starts a business expecting to fail. However, failure happens and it often due to your own thoughts. If you want to create success, you need to understand how your mind works and the role it plays in your decisions. You also need to understand the great significance self-trust and wisdom play in your journey towards success.

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