Business Success is Within Your Grasp

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Business Success: If Others Can Do It, So Can You!
Business success is the desire and goal of business owners. No one starts a business expecting to fail. However, failure happens and it often due to your own thoughts. If you want to create success, you need to understand how your mind works and the role it plays in your decisions. You also need to understand the great significance self-trust and wisdom play in your journey towards success.

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YouTube: Turning your Viewers into Subscribers

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YouTube is possibly the most important social media for business right now. Small business software developer Serena Software demonstrated this perfectly by uploading a single video that gathered 1.18 million views in a week, tripled traffic to the company website and doubled the number of visitors to their mashup microsite. With such a huge boost to traffic, it’s hardly surprising their sales numbers skyrocketed. Their success isn’t unique either; a substantial and growing amount of content creators are pulling in thousands and even millions of dollars per year solely from ad-based revenue. Simply put; a great Youtube channel leads to great results. Learn More


Do-It-Yourself: 5 Easy Steps To Create Your Facebook Business Page

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Do You Want To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

I know that it’s intimidating to get started at something you are not well versed with such as setting up your Facebook Business Page and getting started with Facebook marketing. You have enough motivation to start online marketing using social media sites like Facebook. You are aware how big the Facebook community is and how beneficial it would be to create a business network on it. However, your idea is often hindered by your fears, and your biggest question is “How do I start?” Learn More

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