Do-It-Yourself: 5 Easy Steps To Create Your Facebook Business Page

Do You Want To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

I know that it’s intimidating to get started at something you are not well versed with such as setting up your Facebook Business Page and getting started with Facebook marketing. You have enough motivation to start online marketing using social media sites like Facebook. You are aware how big the Facebook community is and how beneficial it would be to create a business network on it. However, your idea is often hindered by your fears, and your biggest question is “How do I start?”

Well, getting started is tough, but let me help you do it with ease. By following this article you will be hands on in setting up your Facebook Business Page!

Why Is It Important To Personally Set Up Your Facebook Business Page?

First, you know your business more than anyone. You have clear objectives how you want your business to be promoted. Therefore, you are the best person to decide what kind of Facebook business page you need. When someone else sets up your business page, you risk of being dissatisfied. You might end up changing the concepts and presentation that they create, which is not cost-efficient, particularly if it’s a paid service.

Second, being a newbie in using Facebook Business Page, you need to start familiarising yourself with the basics. It will make it easy for you to navigate and manipulate the settings and the page itself. Just like setting up the physical location, amenities and systems of an actual business, you need to master the ins and outs of your Facebook Business Page. Otherwise, you will be stuck unable to use the business page by yourself.

Lastly, if you want to designate your business staff to manage your fan page when you are not available, you know exactly what they need to learn to be efficient. Remember, “you can’t teach what you do not know.”

One of your main goals in having a Facebook Business Page is to have regular engagement with your clients and potential buyers. You need to be consistent, and your business page must have new posts daily to remain visible to your clients’ Facebook News Feeds. It is not recommended that you will just post updates during your spare time. Therefore, you need to train someone to do this during your absence.

Without further ado, let me guide you step-by-step in setting up an amazing Facebook Business Page!

5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Facebook Business Page

Setting up your Facebook Business Page is as easy as counting 1-2-3. All you need is to follow these five steps and the given tips.

Facebook Business Page Step #1 Log in to your Personal Facebook Profile.

Do you have a Facebook account? If you don’t have a personal profile in Facebook yet, go to, fill out the information needed in the Sign Up form and hit the Sign Up button. If you already have an account, simply log in to your personal profile.


Log in if you have an existing Facebook Personal Profile. Sign up if you are new to Facebook.

You need a personal Facebook profile to create your business page. These two will be interconnected, your personal information will not be shown on your Facebook Business Page. In fact, Facebook will not even show the owner or admin of the business page. Instead, your page will have its own set of information that you will need to fill out, which is solely business related.

Facebook Business Page Step #2 Select a business category and name your page

Once you are logged in to Facebook, go to Click the box of the most appropriate main category for your business page. Keep in mind that you can only choose one category for your page.

Choose Page category


Click one main category for your page.

TIPS: If your business has a physical location (a store, clinic, office, etc.) where people can check in for your products or services, then select Local Business or Place as your page category. Otherwise, choose a different category that is moreappropriate for your business.

Select a Business Category.

Select a business category. A business category describes the nature of your business.


Name your business page and complete the information required.

It is best to use the actual name of your business. Avoid using generic names such as the location and generic classification of your business. For example: a restaurant that uses the Facebook Fan Page name Brisbane Diner. The words Brisbane and diner are too generic, not unique to make the restaurant stand out from all the other restaurants in Brisbane. However, if this is your actual business name, then you can use it, but apply the tips provided below to avoid issues the Facebook algorithm.

There are higher search rates for generic words, but as of this moment, Facebook algorithm disables updates from generic business pages to cut down spammers. This means that any post from your business page might not appear on the Newsfeeds if Facebook thinks your fan page is too generic.


To increase the chances of your Facebook Business Page being found in the search results, use the following tips in choosing a Page name:

  1. Clients of small businesses often remember the owner’s name more than the business name, particularly if the owner is hands-on with the business. For instance, if you own a restaurant and you’re personally helping with the daily business flow such as serving the clients, preparing the orders and handling the cash register, most of your patrons would probably know you. Hence, it would be best to make your Facebook page name more personal by including your name in it.

For example: Mikko’s Brisbane Diner.

  1. Use your actual business name if it is popular and is most likely to be searched by your patrons.

For example: Beyond Good Health Holistic Medical Clinics~ Bojan Schianetz

If you’re using abbreviation for your business name, spell it out as well.

For example: BGH Robina – Beyond Good Health

  1. You may include the location and function of your product or service on your Facebook Business Page.

For example: Beyond Good Health – Dr. Dzung Vu (Price), Brisbane Holistic Doctor

Facebook Business Page Step #3 Complete the set up for the following sections: About, Profile Picture, Add to Favorites and Reach More People


Aside from the Page and business categories, the About section will require you to add categories that will help the search rank of your page. Type a generic category that best describes your business. Then, a drop down menu will appear-just select one.

facebook-business-page-about-e1413965970235 (1)
Add a short description to your page. Take note that the description is limited to 155 characters. So, it should be concise but informative enough. This serves as an overview of your business.


Global Career Online works with conscious service-oriented entrepreneurs to expand their marketing impact and successfully attract ideal customers like a magnet.

If you have a website, a significant live business listing or other social media accounts such as Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or LinkedIn, you can include them here. TICK YES to confirm that your business is real and the fan page is authorised to represent your business on Facebook. Then, hit the Save Info button.

Profile Picture

A profile picture will represent your business, brand, products or services on Facebook. If you have a popular company logo, that would be the most appropriate profile picture. Otherwise, think of what is your business known for. Is there a specific product or service that makes your business popular?

For instance your business is a coffee shop, hire a professional photographer to take a picture of your most popular coffee and spend few bucks for an expert editing service. You can then use this as a profile picture for your Facebook Business Page. Well, if you have basic knowledge with photo editing using Photoshop or other photo editor, or if you have a talent in photography, and can do it yourself, that would surely help!

Upload your Profile Picture either from your computer or you may import it from your website. Save photo and then click next.


  1. The ideal size is 180 x 180 pixels. If the picture is larger than this size, it will be automatically cropped to fit the Profile picture box.
  2. Photos will have higher resolution if they are in PNG format.
  3. If you represent your business so well, use your own photo. It should look professional, approachable and friendly. Don’t forget to smile!


Add to Favourites

You need to hit the Add to Favourites button at the top-left side bar under the Favourites menu to make your Page easily accessible.

You can view this sidebar when you go to the Facebook Home page.

Reach More People

You may skip this section for now. This is meant to advertise your page through Facebook and it’s a paid service. You can use this anytime you decide to level up your Facebook promotion.

This is your Admin Panel. This will show up after you finished filling in the above forms.

TIP: Don’t forget to like your page by hitting the LIKE button. If Facebook prompts you to invite your friends to Like your page, skip this action as you need to complete your profile first. We will discuss this next time when we talk about techniques to gain more page likes.

As you see, your Facebook Business Page profile is not yet 100% complete. You don’t want your clients, friends and acquaintances to see an unpolished fan page, don’t you? Therefore, you need to edit the settings and unpublished your page for the mean time. It allows you to edit information and design freely without making several changes visible to your audience. Besides, designing your fan page can be a trial and error process until you are satisfied with its final look and content.

Facebook Business Page Step #4 Add a Cover Photo

Now, it’s time to add a Cover Photo. In the Admin Panel, click the Add a Cover button. This will allow you to upload a photo or choose from your uploaded photos.

Your business cover photo will appear like this:


  1. The recommended size is 851 pixels (width) by 315 pixels (height). You can still upload a larger photo, but the bottom and top portions will be hidden. You can reposition the photo and choose which portions should fit into the box.
  2. Follow strictly the Facebook Page Guidelines in choosing your fan page cover photo:

“All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.”

  1. You can create your Facebook cover using This is a free online tool.
  2. Previously restricted, adding your website address, calls to actions (e.g. Like Us Here, Share, Get It Now), email or mailing addresses in the cover photo have been allowed already since March 2013. However, Facebook rules last year indicated that the cover photo must not exceed 20% text content. To check if your cover photo complies with the 20% rule, use this tool from Add your Facebook URL and click the load Cover-Photo button. Click on the text within the cover photo. This tool will show you how much text your cover photo has.

Check if your cover photo complies with the 20% rule.

Facebook Business Page Step #5 Complete Page Info and Start Posting Status Updates

You’re almost done! However, before publishing your Facebook Business Page, make sure to complete the details needed in the Page Info. You have to go to Settings, click on Page Info and edit the necessary data shown in the image below:

Your Facebook Web Address refers to the customised or vanity URL of your Page. A URL is the address that appears at the browser’s address bar. If you noticed, the URL is too long with the numbers at the end:

You can customise this and remove the numbers by editing the Facebook Web Address shown in the image above. It will be easier for your audience to search for your Facebook business page using your web address.



  1. Your Facebook web address must be your actual business name, which is probably your Facebook business page name as well. Remember the tips in choosing a page name in step 2. If you have a website, you may choose a URL that is similar to your website address as well.

For example: If your business name is Global Career Online, the best Facebook Web Address would be

If you are the brand of your company, then include your name in your Facebook URL, which will appear like

  1. Alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) and period (.) are the only characters accepted when choosing your vanity URL.
  2. Your Facebook business page needs 25 Likes or Fans before you can customise the URL.
  3. Be careful in choosing your vanity URL as you can only change it once. Facebook is very strict on changes to business page URL.

Other pertinent information you should fill out is the Hours of operation, long description for your page and email address. The hours of operation should indicate the opening and closing time for your business, so clients would know when to drop by. The long description should elaborate what your business is all about: services, products, specialties and what makes your business different from others.


Are you READY?

Your Facebook Business page is now ready for posting! Make sure to fill in your page with content before changing the visibility settings to Publish. You may upload photos, videos or post plain text as status updates. Make sure that all posts are relevant to your business. In my next article, I will teach you the best ways to create engagement in your posts.
If you want to start with online marketing, the best time to start is now. For business consultations, contact me (Bojan Zimmerman) HERE



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