Wellpreneur Marketing Tip #2 – How to get known fast

By November 23, 2016Marketing Tips, Videos

Have you ever been wondering how to get known and trusted by your potential clients? Would you like to know how to overcome the biggest hurdle called ‘Trust’ that makes people reluctant to buy from you?

One of the fastest ways to get known and trusted and even liked is to provide free relevant and helpful content. With this, you have the best chance to move your potential client from “I don’t know you” to “This is the guy who helped me resolve one of my pressing problems.”

To achieve this level of trust, you need to provide content, and second, your content needs to be read in the first place. To achieve this, you must avoid a very common mistake I see over and over again. Which is that people write their content mainly from their point of view, focus on their offerings and even try to push the cold lead to buy or to take a specific action. So they start basically at the wrong end. They send out a message that it’s all about them and all about the idea of quickly converting the cold lead into a client. Whilst this may work for a tiny percentage of your target audience, the vast majority will simply abandon your article, video or your brochure.

For starters, if you want people to read or even share your content, it needs to be relevant to them. It needs to be about them. Does this make sense?

Now, let me ask you a question. Are you clear to whom you are talking to in your messages? Do you know what’s relevant to them or not? These two questions are the foundation which allows you to craft relevant content. And here’s the main reason why: You need to know to whom you are talking to in your marketing in order to fine-tune your marketing message, in order to connect to the different emotional aspects of your target audience, such as motivating beliefs, values, frustrations, fears, and desires.

Until now, you may have believed that you already know everything about your clients. Now I am asking you to go back and start being curious again and put yourself in his or her shoes. As a practical tip, start listening again to your existing favorite clients, listen to them, understand them and connect with them with an open heart and mind. If you really want to touch your customer’s emotions, you need to study what drives them. If you want your content to be relevant to your target audience, you must learn to think and feel like them. This is also a great way to bring more heart and purpose into your business. This allows you to connect through your message on a deeper level with your audience’s problems.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Start educating your potential clients on a regular basis, write or talk about their most pressing problems, give them new ideas, some first solutions, and be genuine with your information. This is the fastest path to get known and trusted in your specific niche.

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Bojan Zimmermann

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Bojan Zimmermann is a business strategist and marketing mentor. He helps heart-centred, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners to attract more ideal clients, build a leveraged business model to make a bigger difference in the lives of others, and grow to 6-figures and beyond.

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