Unleashing Your Ambition

Today I want to talk to you about your ambitions. I strongly believe without ambition, nobody can succeed. So, the question is, ‘Who do you want to be or what do you want to achieve in your life or business?’

Ambition is a driving force; a strong desire for greater achievement. Perhaps you know some people who are very ambitious. They embrace what they want, but they also have the passion that drives them to achieve their goals.

Definitely, transforming dreams into action and success is a skill you develop over time and it often requires hard work, persistence, and most importantly a plan.

I think to truly succeed the first thing you have to do is to break away from those around you and the limitations they may place on you.

For instance, let’s consider your parents. They had ambitions for you. They wanted you to succeed in one or another way. They probably also wanted you to be something they were not. They wanted you to become something they could be proud of and something they could tell the neighbours about! Am I right?

What I am talking about is in some ways we’re a hostage to our parents hopes and fears… and the first thing you need to do is to break away from what everyone else wants for you and plan what you want for yourself. Your parents are just an example. You probably have other people in your life who pass on their hopes and fears too. Breaking away from these is the key if you want to create your own destiny!

The next point I want to discuss is the difference between your ambitions and your dreams. For example, many people dream of wealth, others dream of becoming a leader, and still others crave the spotlight and want to become a celebrity. Even so, we all know dreams usually remain dreams, at least in most cases. However, when you’re ambitious you can create a new reality.

Nonetheless, you need dreams to succeed, but dreams alone won’t suffice. Elvis Presley once said,

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” Click to Tweet

I love this quote. The V8 engine is your strong belief you can achieve your goal and passion is your gasoline, or the force driving you towards success.

Ok, now for some fun. Let’s think about how to turn your ambitions into reality. Most people think they either don’t have the ability, the money, or the time to do something truly great and significant in their life. Besides that, big ambitions can also be very scary, because we see so many people fail. Regardless, I know for experience you weren’t born to hold back. You can achieve your dreams, as long you truly want them.

This is one of the keys to your success. If you truly want something, you make it happen, no matter what the critics say and no matter how difficult it seems when you begin.

Here’s how it works. First, assume you’ve already achieved what you set out to do. You needn’t worry about how you’ll get there – just assume you made it happen! Now, visualize the outcome and how it feels. Examine the details and tune into your new reality as often as possible. Really think about it, feel it, and enjoy it. Even more importantly, you need to absolutely believe it! Abandon any doubts and any negative beliefs that could hold you back from achieving your ambitions. Revel in success instead.

Now it’s time to plot your road map so you can get there. Answer the question “How do I get from where I am now to where I want to be?” Write down the specific steps you need and make them as detailed as possible. Make each step manageable, no matter how small. Small steps make it more likely you’ll start and progress.

More importantly, you need persistence and patience. Always focus on the outcome and always move forward, even if it is just a bit at a time. Maintain your momentum.

Almost two decades ago my ambition was to become a wellness entrepreneur. I was truly obsessed with this dream. Besides working in my normal job as an environmental engineer, I spent all my free time including every evening and nearly every weekend, studying Naturopathy and other health sciences.

A couple of years later I moved to Australia and opened my first little clinic with a few regular clients. I began small and built my business step-by-step. To make a long story short, it took me 3 years for my first wellness business to become profitable.

Despite all the ups and downs, I never gave up on my dream. Now, a decade later, I sold my successful clinics and have now time and resources to focus on new projects. Like many truly ambitious people, I firmly focused on the finishing line plus I was more than willing to make huge sacrifices to turn my dreams into reality.

So there you have it! Ask yourself WHAT you truly want, reflect on it, visualize the outcome as realistically as possible, and work out a roadmap. Start with your first step and continue, even if it’s baby-step by baby-step. Most importantly; never, never give up.

I hope these ideas help you become who you really want to be. I want you to transform dreams into reality. You deserve it!

Bojan Zimmermann

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