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YouTube is possibly the most important social media for business right now. Small business software developer Serena Software demonstrated this perfectly by uploading a single video that gathered 1.18 million views in a week, tripled traffic to the company website and doubled the number of visitors to their mashup microsite. With such a huge boost to traffic, it’s hardly surprising their sales numbers skyrocketed. Their success isn’t unique either; a substantial and growing amount of content creators are pulling in thousands and even millions of dollars per year solely from ad-based revenue. Simply put; a great Youtube channel leads to great results.

youtube-featured-bojan-zimmermannSo how does one utilize Youtube to achieve significant business results? The easy answer is: get tons of returning viewers. Many viewers watching your content many times brings better conversion. This is where customer loyalty on Youtube comes in.

Customer Loyalty on Youtube: Viewers vs. Subscribers

As most entrepreneurs are well aware, it’s much easier and cheaper to retain a customer than to attract a new one. The same is true on Youtube: viewers are great, but subscribers are better. Subscribers, after all, receive a notification every time you upload a new video, which makes them more likely to become returning viewers.

Turning viewers into subscribers


Youtube viewers are great, BUT subscribers are better!


Turning viewers into subscribers ensures the viewers will watch more of your content. This in turn increases your chances of attracting click-throughs to your website or landing page. Let’s take a look at two easy ways to turn your viewers into subscribers.

#1 – The Channel Trailer

The Channel trailer is a video prominently displayed on your channel to non-subscribed visitors. This video will start automatically whenever somebody visits your channel page and is an excellent tool to turn visitors into subscribers.

Use the channel trailer to welcome visitors to your channel, mention your business name and show your logo for branding purposes. Then continue to share credentials to boost your channel’s credibility and explain the value of your channel to the viewer. Explain why you do what you do, and why the viewer should be interested in your content. End the trailer with a call to action by telling people to ‘hit that subscribe button’. It should take no longer than 45-60 seconds. Also, be sure to include a link to your website or landing page both in the description box and as an annotation in the video.

#2 – Video End Card

Display the video end card at the end of all your videos. This end card should include some narration with a call to action (ask people to like, comment and subscribe, direct the viewer to your website).

To boost both views and subscribers, many youtube content creators find it useful to include previous videos in the end card. Show thumbnails, stills or miniature players for some of your previous videos. You can select which videos to feature in the end card in several ways.

  • Show videos that have proven to have a high conversion rate
  • Show videos related to the subject of the video you’ve just shown
  • Show videos that clearly demonstrate the value of your channel

Ideally, show three or four videos that meet all three points. These will increase the click-through rate for your videos, leading to more subscribers and more click-throughs to your website or landing page. Even if a viewer doesn’t click through to a video, they might still see the value of your channel and subscribe to come back later.

Create a Winning Formula

Creating a winning formula for your Youtube videos has several benefits. First of all, having a set template to create your videos around makes it easier to create videos. Secondly, a set formula gives your videos recognizability and is a great branding tool. Finally, a winning formula applied to every video leads to consistently great results. A winning formula differs for every demographic, but there are a few basics that will work every


Additional Tips & Tricks

Besides the techniques mentioned, there are other things you can do to boost your exposure on Youtube. For instance closed captioning. Closed captioning provides the option to add subtitles to your video. Not only does this help people with hearing impairments, but it brings a second advantage: Youtube analyzes your closed captions to identify the subject of your video. This will result in a boost in the search ratings for your video, thus making it far more likely to be found by people searching by keywords.

Furthermore, it’s important to think about the first impression: choose a clear, keyword-rich title that draws potential viewers to your video and design a killer thumbnail to match. Don’t forget the meta-text; this is the short description that shows up in search engine results. These are the first things a potential viewer sees, and if done right, will entice them to watch your video.

To wrap up, I’d like to leave you with this: providing high quality content is incredibly important. All marketing tricks in the world won’t work if your channel doesn’t provide value to the user. Resist the temptation to upload a long stream of commercials, and create interesting, engaging and unique content instead. I am looking forward to watch your success grow!

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